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Venue: Istituto Superiore Antincendi - Via del Commercio, 13 - ROMA, Italy

Dates: September 22nd - September 26th, 2007

Daniele Nardi, DIS, Univ. “La Sapienza”, Italy;
Adam Jacoff, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), USA;
Satoshi Tadokoro, International Rescue System Institute (IRSI), Japan

Local Contact: Daniele Nardi, DIS, Univ. “La Sapienza”, Italy


Emergency responders can benefit from advanced robotic tools that improve their operational effectiveness and personal safety during responses to natural and man-made disasters. Development and deployment of capable robots that can perform in these difficult environments relies on key research currently being conducted by national and international projects in Europe, USA, Japan and elsewhere. This camp, now in its fourth year, has provided a key resource for researchers interested in learning about state-of-the-art solutions for rescue robotics, including locomotion, sensors, perception, mapping, planning, mobile manipulation, operator interfaces, autonomous behaviours, and high-fidelity simulation environments. It teaches best-in-class robotic capabilities demonstrated effective in international RoboCupRescue competitions and introduces researchers to other emerging technologies and approaches. Lectures and intense practical development sessions reduce theoretical research into implemented solutions that attendees demonstrate in a comprehensive robot demonstration within emerging standard robot test methods for rescue robotics.

Since 2004, the camp has been hosted by the University of Roma “La Sapienza” research laboratory on “Intelligent Systems for Emergencies and Civil Defense” (http://sied.dis.uniroma1.it/), which is focussed on research and development of search and rescue robots. The camp venue is the Instituto Superiore Antincendi, a local training facility of the Italian Fire Department.


Deployment of effective robotic technologies requires significant experimental activity and benefits greatly from public displays of capabilities and standard problem sets to directly compare approaches and results. Toward this end, the camp leverages annual technical achievements demonstrated in RoboCupRescue robot competitions that focus on search and rescue tasks and scenarios. It also leverages emerging standard test methods for response robots under development by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST). This combination enforces the camp’s objective to provide a methodological basis for design, and a practical basis for implementation of effective robotic systems that can be demonstrated effective in operationally relevant scenarios. The camp provides opportunities for experienced researchers to expand their knowledge as well as an excellent opportunity for students to start their activity in the field.

Co-Located Events

In an effort provide attendees a unique opportunity to meet researchers and practitioners in the field, the 2007 camp will be co-located with the IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics (SSRR07) (http://sied.dis.uniroma1.it/ssrr2007) and a Rescue Robotics Exercise for emergency responders. The Camp’s final robot demonstrations will be presented to the SSRR07 attendees and emergency responders.

Previous editions

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