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SPQR-UPM Rescue Virtual Team

Welcome to the SPQR-UPM Rescue Virtual Team Web site!


SPQR-UPM is a joint Italian-Spanish team, which is going to participate in RoboCup 2010 Rescue Virtual Robots competitions, which will be held in Singapore.

SPQR is the RoboCup Rescue team that belongs to the Ro.Co.Co. Laboratory, which stands for "Cognitive Cooperative Robotics", under the supervision of Prof. Daniele Nardi, at Sapienza University of Rome.

We deal with multi-agent robotics systems for rescue operations in simulated environments using USARSim, a high-fidelity robots simulator based on Unreal Tournament game engine.

We also developed our own software framework, OpenRDK (Open Robotic Development Toolkit), which can be interfaced both with UsarSim and with Player/Stage simulators. It has been extending with several modules to manage input devices, sensors, robot models, multi-agent systems and other issues.

We've been partecipating at RoboCup competitions since 1998, in particular at Rescue Virtual Robots championships since 2006, gaining the third place at Atlanta 2007, and the fifth place at Suzhou 2008.

The UPM team is composed of people belonging to the Intelligent Control Group. The Intelligent Control Group is member of the Spanish Committee of Automation (CEA). Its research fields in mobile robotics include service robots, focusing on feature-based SLAM, autonomous navigation, and human-like be- haviors. This is the first year the Intelligent Control Group will participate in Robocup, contributing with its research to the already developed software of the SPQR team.

Team Description Paper

Here you can find our Team Description Paper and our Infrastructure Contribution Plan for RoboCup Rescue 2010 Virtual Robots League, which will be held in Singapore.